A Bad Dream

It is her.

It is a struggle

it is a fight

it is me.

Someone was being threatened

someone is being threatened

the one who is closest to me

but distant by distance

I try to reach out

I fall.

I rise

it is class

i blink

it is exam

I’m too late

next time.

I was running

oblivious, I’m running

I slow down

I stop

I’m tired

my head aches

my stomach collapses

I want to throw up.

I was numb

I’m numb

my soul reaches out

I try hard

I can’t move

Time is too slippery

I can’t hold onto to it.

I fall

this time into an abyss

I’m falling

a sharp chill zaps my body

I open my eyes

Alarm rings

Do i rise, it’s cold;

switch it off swiftly do I,

and fall back in bed.

All messed up my mind is,

think properly it can’t.

Does it cry out


Does it push me out of bed,

but too cozy to jump out, feels my body.

Wrapped up like a cocoon it is.

But slowly do I crack the cocoon,

step out,

and go to the mirror.

With screwed eyes do I look up,

and an undecided smile my face fills up with;


yet how my day starts with that is.


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